Logo Etching

Logo Etching

Let’s assume you’re an Ohio State fan or a Wildcats fan, and you have a finished basement or garage with a concrete floor. Your plans were to get it finished, but then a lightbulb lit up and you decided you needed your college or pro team logo and maybe some other designs and lettering on the floor. And you got to thinking… Right?

Can that be done? Yes it can. We have integrated designs, logos, and lettering into custom concrete flooring many times. Here’s a quick breakdown of a couple of the processes:

  • Overhead projection - fast and simple using a transparency and a standard overhead projector

  • Freehand design - depending upon the materials used, different designs may be created

  • Grid Plotting - this involves taking your original artwork and blowing it up to whatever scale you need to fit the area or given space. This is an ideal method for those who fear a lack of artistic skill

  • Stenciling - uses pre-cut, adhesive-backed, vinyl stencils on pre-stained flooring and then a glob of gel-like acid is spread over the area for several minutes, removing the stain

Logos and Designs are integrated into concrete flooring in several ways. The options are almost limitless as to what one can do with concrete floors. 

Today, technology provides for the placement of high-resolution digital images onto concrete flooring as an option. And as previously mentioned, stenciling and engraving are other options for adding designs and logos to concrete floors.

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