Concrete Self-Leveling Overlay

Cant seem to cement the problem with your concrete flooring?

So your existing concrete sub-floor is pitted, cracked, dips, and is uneven? No worries. You have a minor problem that most everyone does. And it is easily repaired.

Most all concrete flooring may require minor repairs as well as some leveling of what is the subfloor. This process removes irregularities and levels an existing concrete floor. Self-leveling concrete is typically mixed in a five-gallon bucket to the consistency of pancake batter, poured, and spread immediately. It’s fast setting so this must be accounted for.

This is a process often required whether installing concrete flooring applications or wood, tile, and laminate flooring, or even carpeted flooring.

Concrete self-leveling overlay is considered a much less expensive alternative to tearing up old concrete flooring and installing a new concrete sub-floor, and is a popular money and time saver.

  • Repairs your flooring

  • Long lasting

  • Keeps repaired area free of dust & debries

  • Eliminates those 'hard to reach' bugs/weeds in cracked concrete

  • Alternative to replacing your concrete

Self-leveling is a great option to save costs and makes for a quick repair. It saves the homeowner precious time and money, and allows us to make the environment safer and in good repair. It's a win-win.

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